Camping le Bonhomme


Maison George Sand:
The house of George Sand, situated in the charming village Nohant, in the community Nohant-Vic, is the place where George Sand, the famous author of the book “La Mare au diable”, lived in her youth and where she experienced multiple key moments. A visit to this 18th century building, enclosed with memories of the family Dupin, shows in an intimate ambience the salon and the dining room where famous artists such as Balzac, Chopin, Delacroix, Flaubert and Liszt were invited. One can see the furniture, objects and family souvenirs, and also an exposition of puppets. Around the castle there is a pleasant park of six hectares, classified as a remarkable garden, with a rosery, orchard, flower garden, vegetable garden and a park with trees.

Pottery village in Le Châtelet:
Potters and ceramists will welcome you in this village with a rich pottery history.
Every third Sunday in June there is a big pottery market.





Brocante market:
Almost every weekend there is a socialbrocantemarket somewhere in the neighbourhood.





Gardens, including Prieuré d’Orsan:
This charming place, situated in the Maisonnais, cannot be missed. In this old monastery you can find a beautiful, medieval monastery garden, where you can discover calmness and a palette of scents. The flowery, nurtured garden is enriched with a fountain, kitchen gardens, and orchards.


Festival “Le son continu” at Château d’Ars:
A four-day music festival at a beautiful spot where numerous self-made musical instruments are sold, and where many people make music and dance.

Pleasing to visit one or more days.

This festival is annually around 14th of July.